As soon sell - The secondary in Perm?

Дата создания 24.05.2016 14:38:00
As soon sell - The secondary in Perm?

Several years ago, the problems with the implementation of apartments "secondary" housing in our city did not exist - the demand exceeds supply. This occurred primarily because the purchasing power of the residents of Perm and the surrounding region was slightly higher.

Now the situation has changed radically in the sellers confusion leads even the volatility of demand for the proposals, the price of which significantly reduced. The experts made several opinions, not only and not so much to explain the reasons for the current situation in the market of real estate of Perm, as talked about how to overcome negativity.
Forget about high prices

According to Director General of the agency "Break" Stanislav Tsvirko, five per cent discount from the price of the apartment has no one will draw. A positive result is guaranteed when the seller refuses to expected profit on 10, or even 15%. Some proposals may generally require a greater discount.
Make attractive apartment

Of course, different customers taste and requirements. One is enough to solve the problem of housing by purchasing the cheapest option, even if it is not what repairs banal harvesting have not been conducted. Others already have a roof over their heads, but not satisfied with the living conditions, or wish to purchase a more comfortable and spacious property. And the first category today there are very few, therefore it is necessary to attract the attention of the second. What you need:

Be sure to replace the windows. There is no need to install very expensive models, liberal enough to choose the price. In any case, the new plastic windows significantly change the interior, while a positive performance even in low-cost options are available in a complete set. According to the company "Windows Trust" experts on the value of the window affect its size, the additional finishing of the decoration, layout, etc., as well as the use of more costly profiles novelties. On average, we recommend to make sure the link to the website of the company, cheap PVC windows, even with the cost of installation is irrelevant reduce the estimated profit on the sale of apartments. And in some cases, such activities will not as critical to make allowances due to more attractive offers. Do not install and takes a lot of time, so that from such an option should not give up now.

Develop a style of market positioning. What will help to advertising campaigns. But beneath this should not be taken to select the most popular media for the dissemination of information. First of all, the information provided must be accurate. For example, not too lazy to get out in the hallway, replace light bulbs, so that crossed the threshold of the house, the buyer immediately gained a positive impression. And the initial attitude is very important.

Patience, as advised by the sales director of the Center City real estate, Academy of Sciences' Perspective "Anna Sungatullina. Soon all those who essentially knocks the price of "the secondary" still leave the market, and buyers still remain.