A lawyer or agent?

Дата создания 27.10.2016 21:42:39
A lawyer or agent?

The main rival estate agent - a lawyer. And the reason this competition is the fact that a lawyer as agent, can help a person to make a real estate deal. Consider how customers make a choice between real estate agents and lawyers.

When a person hires a consultant to solve the housing problem, he does it with two goals as possible to complete the transaction quickly and reduce the risks associated with the purchase. So, customers find that realtors - are specialists who are strong in marketing issues (faster will be able to find a buyer), and in the law.

In practice, the situation may be completely different. For example, realtors almost never use such promotion tools that are available and the owner of the object, which hired them. All use the same Internet resources and media. Sometimes realtors who are bargain, do not come to the shows. Their role can be compared with the role of coordinator of the transaction.

We do not claim that this is always the case. There are realtors who honestly fulfill paid them money. But we must recognize that real estate agents are most often people who want minimal effort, to get the most money. In addition, the realtors who work in small agencies, use only the standard purchase and sale contracts. Any more complex legal issue will cause difficulty.

Thus, customer legal companies to address the housing problem are people who have a difficult legal situation, and to understand that realtors will be using the same marketing tools as the client itself.

I must say that apart from small law firms that operate in a particular city, there are rendering services in several cities. Such companies are convenient to hire those people who decide to real estate matters in one city, living at the same time in another.