Electrical devices: legrand sockets, switches.

Дата создания 21.07.2016 16:11:02
Electrical devices: legrand sockets, switches.

Most people are very often heard the expression "Wiring the device". It would seem, at first sight, boring technical term, but it is something that people enjoy on a daily basis - it's bullets, sockets switches, junction boxes, plugs and fuses - something without which everyday life would be pitch dark.

Most often a person is faced with the switches, sockets and plugs, which are on the market represented a great many. For example, legrand legrand sockets or switches. The French group Legrand - a famous leader in the manufacture of electrical products and a leading provider of integrated solutions for electrical networks. company's products are used in residential, office and industrial premises.

Direct assignment of such products - switching electrical circuits and operative to connect to a network of devices. Today, modern various switches and sockets are made of high impact plastic, mainly with smooth surfaces. And you can choose the design for every taste and budget. In the market you can find products of classical forms or products, give the interior of personality traits and have a distinct design. The color palette is equally diverse and can satisfy the most sophisticated buyer - strict black or white, or all colors of the rainbow. In recent years, in addition to the classics, especially popular color "sapphire blue" and "green safari".

In stores you can find models, painted by wood species, such as "red maple" or "dark oak", which will merge them with a wooden surface of a country house. Some manufacturers have gone further and produce switches and sockets with decorative removable parts - enough to replace the thin ring of a different color and a bored look of the switch is changed.

However, fascinated by the search of a switch the color of the wallpaper or tile, it is worth remembering that these products are directly related to dangerous voltage, and therefore, the first and foremost requirement for them - security. It can be easily achieved if properly and correctly installed switch or outlet in the uninsulated live parts of an apartment or house, which are inaccessible to human touch (especially children) or animals.