Where to invest?

Дата создания 21.07.2016 15:49:11
Where to invest?

People who have a sufficiently large number of financial savings, sooner or later wondering where to invest money. The main objective of this investment - not only to maintain but also to increase earnings.

Market private investor began its development from the moment that every resident of Russia "issued a" voucher - privatization voucher. By the time of the privatization process in Russia, virtually no securities market. It is the first stage of privatization provided the impetus for its revival. A very important role in this was played by the use of vouchers. From this moment begins the transition from one economic condition of the country to another.

Now private investors there is a fairly diverse selection of where to invest money. Such investment options include:

1. Bank deposit. Before the crisis the interest on deposits were higher than they are now. The decline is due to the fact that the refinancing rate at a record low level. Bank deposits has a low risk level, because of the Russian banking system deposits provided insurance worth up to 400 thousand rubles.
 2. Investments in securities. This type of investment is gaining in popularity in recent years. "Entry" in the market facilitates a large number of training programs and literature (forex forum is also one of the sources of consultations). Responsibility for the selection of the purchase of certain shares is specifically for you. This type of investment is quite risky.
  3. Investments in real estate. Starting in 2015 we can safely say that property prices will rise in Perm. Therefore, in the primary market are beginning to return to private investors: they invest in housing under construction in the initial stage of construction. During the construction of the house price per square meter is increased by the fact that reduced the risk of unfinished and inflation, which also stimulates the growth of the cost of the new buildings.