Index of popularity in the real estate market.

Дата создания 21.07.2016 14:55:48
Index of popularity in the real estate market.

If the company is working on the b2c market, it is very important index of popularity among individuals who are potential buyers. Particularly relevant is a real estate market where the transaction amount is very large. Man comes to the real estate agency, or by the developer, which is the name of his "on hearing". If there was a negative feedback, we can say that the real estate market index of well-known companies is directly proportional to the credit of trust from potential buyers.

fame Index can increase as a natural way (by increasing the number of facilities built by the company) and artificial (thanks to competent marketing policy, advertising campaigns and PR-promotion).

Currently, we can observe how in Perm index increased popularity of "Perm factory of silicate panels." During the crisis, they were building facilities to fulfill their obligations for the introduction of houses into operation. It is also naturally increased popularity index "Kama Valley" and "Saturn-R".

For marketing activities that allow you to build communication with potential buyers, and are citywide events. For example, the celebration of the day of the builder. As part of the "folk festivals" company-builder may give citizens some souvenirs with firm attributes (balloons, caps and T-shirts and so on.).

It is also important for the promotion of well-designed PR-policy. Because adware placed, for example, in newspapers or magazines, may not carry the emotional coloration, which will facilitate the necessary positioning. For example, at the beginning of the crisis on Fisch construction sites were installed cameras, the image from which you can see on the internet online. Because of this people could estimate the speed of construction and to make sure that the company is building a house in the active mode, and therefore complied with its obligations.