Material for building house.

Дата создания 21.07.2016 14:33:46
Material for building house.

One of the main factors when buying a country house, is the material from which it is built. Most of the houses that are built on the territory of Perm and the Perm Territory, can be divided into the following types:

    Brick houses. Adherents of brick houses are conservatives. Confidence in the safety of their home ownership are more important than the fact that the cost of construction of brick houses is high enough. This is explained by the high cost of home security and thick walls - brick has high thermal conductivity, so that the wall of bricks "hold" heat, its width should be proyadka one meter.
    Gas and foam concrete building. Gas and foam concrete homes are economical. Their thermal conductivity is low enough to guarantee low consumption in the construction material. Houses made of such material quickly erected, but their environmental qualities are called into doubt the future buyers.
    Timber frame house. Frame construction - a technique which appeared relatively recently in the suburban housing market. Timber frame house, made by the Canadian technology on the basis of wooden frame adapted to the Russian climate and are designed for permanent residence.
    Wooden houses. Wooden houses are the most popular in Russia. This is due to the centuries-old mentality. For fans of the wooden houses on the market today there are technologies for different budgets: from the expensive laminated veneer lumber, finishing low frame, manufactured in non-industrial environments.