Always clean and bright windows.

Дата создания 03.07.2016 15:03:26
Always clean and bright windows.

One of the main characteristics of any window is how well it transmits sunlight. After all, for that were invented in the window areas. When the room is full of daylight and sunlight, are there people feel a surge of energy, and when it comes to the office, then good bandwidth windows has a direct impact also on the performance of employees. That is why people working underground (for example, in the subway), where there are no windows and, respectively, sunlight, pay extra for harm, because work in the cellars and dungeons under the ground - hard work.

In modern buildings today once at the stage of construction of houses installed plastic windows Veka, in old buildings people themselves tend to change their old windows with new as soon as possible. Moreover, in new houses themselves make wider window openings - all for the same purpose to let in as much light.

Another factor affecting the capacity of sunlight during the installation of windows, is their purity. It would seem that what can be done more than to just wash the windows? Just remember the commercial, cool at the time on TV: "You have bad TV shows just wipe the dust from the screen!" So it is with windows. But there is not always possible to wash the windows. For example, it is difficult to do in the winter in the 20-degree cold. Or, on the upper floors of buildings, if one sash windows set in a remote version. Sometimes even on the balconies not provided for washing windows design, especially outdoors. In particular, this applies to those houses where Veka window is selected and installed, you do not, and the developer. What to do in such cases? Living with dirty glasses? Wait, when spring comes? But, as we have said, it depends on your positive mood and capacity for work, so we must not tarry! You can, of course, to call for help cleaning company and climbers who will wash your windows at least on the 25th floor, but the fun is not cheap, every month to call them just will not. But with dark windows and close to depression roll! But there is a solution! Manufacturers of glasses for plastic windows come up with an effective way to box forever remain clean and bright. It is an innovative solution for wooden and plastic windows - self-cleaning glass.

This patented solution is that the glass is applied to conventional and special invisible coating paint, which prevent dust particles and dirt deposit on and adhere to the windows of glass surface. And those of pollution, which still managed to make it effectively deletes itself will decompose into atoms and molecules. Something similar has already been invented in self-cleaning ovens, there is only dirt decay occurs when exposed to high temperatures. Now it's time for self-cleaning windows. You no longer have to waste your nerves and precious hours on a boring, like cleaning. In the coating includes titanium oxide, it is applied on the hot glass and provides two important properties of the glass. First - it hydrophilic, which means that no water droplets on the glass in the rain and other natural phenomena, so stains do not appear. And the second - the photocatalytic process, when all the stain glass, disappears under the influence of sunlight. The service life of such windows is at least 20 years, so you are guaranteed always clean glass and a good mood!