How to choose the hob?

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How to choose the hob?

Imagine modern cuisine without the built-in appliances is very difficult, almost impossible. Through advertising, modern hardware store, consumers are increasingly give preference to this type of technology. And the most important in the kitchen - a refrigerator and a stove - something without which today do not really. If the choice of the refrigerator and the oven is not so difficult, in principle, the choice of the hob is really complicated. It would be desirable and beautiful, and practical, and inexpensive.
Gas cooktops

There will be given a few tips on how to properly pick up a plate. These two types - Gas and electric, there is combined, but they tend to take for holiday use.

Two things should be required for selection of a gas panel. Electric ignition and gas control, facilitates the use of one, the second defense. Burner arrangement is not important, the number of four. This is the optimal number. Most interesting gas panel - the so-called gas on glass. Burners are located on the glass substrate to separate each individual protection. Very modern, convenient care, a solid foundation. There are negative: if touch the pot or pan, they may come off the stand, and the contents will be on the floor or slab. This is the main and the only negative.

When you purchase a standard gas cooktop range of colors and layout burners lies on the consumer, as it is not limited. Lattice, which protect the burners, it is better to take the iron, they are not subject to deformation, can withstand a lot of weight, almost eternal. Keep in mind that stainless steel panel suitable for almost any decor. And to care for her, there are many modern household chemicals.
Electric cooktops.

The difficulty lies in the fact that the range of many times more than that of gas. This standard of cooking with individual heating elements, simply put, "pancakes". This is the budget option. Although how you look, is inexpensive, but the consumption of electricity, frankly, indiscreet.

The most common - glass ceramic electric cooktops. Vitroceramic now - this is the most profitable investment. Lifetime unlimited, replacing electric heaters - not a problem, obvious energy saving, suitable for any interior. The upper surface of glass ceramics are very strong, split it or damage is difficult, for the convenience of cooking zones marked with a special circuit. hob belwater.byOn can correctly determine the size of cookware, the main thing that it did not exceed the set limits, as is hot only designated area boards, the rest of the surface remains cold.

Functions in these panels is also very much. The timer, which allows you to disable or delay in due time a particular burner. Variable diameter heating, i.e., for example, the small pan may be heated at high burner, reducing the heating zone. Very convenient if other burners are busy. Change heating circuit - this area is called the common people "under utyatnitsu". Next to the main heating element is another semi-oval shape. Preserving residual heat - allowing you to cook or warm up when the stove is off.

Use can be any dish. The material from which it is made, it does not matter: cast iron, steel, enamel, Teflon, ceramic-coated - all suitable for this type of board. Most importantly, at the bottom of the dishes it was smooth and clean. It is best to use pans with teflon (non-stick), or a ceramic coating, which significantly reduces cooking time and helps save energy.

The increasing popularity is now becoming induction glass-ceramic electric panel. The principle of operation is based on the induction magnetic field. In other words, the heating occurs only through the magnetic field, and heats only tableware. It is necessary to use cookware with magnetizes the bottom, the other will not work. The point is that even with the included burner stove will not work until it is established dishes. It is very convenient and safe for children. The cost of these models is quite high, plus special dishes. But it's worth it.

If you stay at the producers, the tips given here will not be very ethical. The fact that the glass-ceramic coating produced only two companies. This "Keran" (France), "ShotKeran" (Germany). The license for the production of glass-ceramics is not any other company. Therefore, it is necessary to consider when choosing a manufacturer. After all, the steeper the manufacturer, the higher the price. It is also necessary to soberly assess the need for certain functions in the plate. They are necessary or not. It also will save enough money.