Home interior: the use of decorative lighting.

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Home interior: the use of decorative lighting.

All owners of houses and apartments want comfort and beauty. In order to combine these two components into a single unit just needs some interior design. Moreover, the design should be such that when the limited space in the room was comfortable and pleasant stay. Many admit elementary errors, trying to give the room elegance, making all the furniture so that the apple fall nowhere. Someone just glue tasteless wallpaper and dim lighting sets, and this situation creates fatigue and stress.

It can be easily removed by a variety of lighting effects, if desired these problems. The solution set lighting design will change the look of the room and cheer up. Artificial decorative lighting can pick up, examine the relevant market for goods and consulting professionals. The number of options for decorating the light is so great device that the person can easily get lost in the choice and opportunities, functionality of these devices.

lighting Solutions

With the help of lighting effects can significantly alter the appearance of any room, even the most tasteless and uncomplicated, giving brightness and elegance. Using light, you can simply cover the room, a room or a whole house, and because you can embed and light in the various interior and architecture. Interior design can be changed using various lamps, LEDs, halogen and other delights of plenty of light industry. Time does not stand still, so there are always new solutions to the problem of light. Even the careful application of conventional strings can significantly change the appearance of the object.

The light decorations in the bedroom

Everything should be in moderation, so do not flirt with the light. Lighting can be different and pursue different goals, but still without the usual light bulbs can not do, as read with the light-emitting diodes are not very comfortable, and prepare the lighting halogen lamp too. In short, you need a bright light, without damage to the eye. But in places for rest and sleep, you can conduct experiments with light effects. Many are advised to use soft light, but the decisive role played by the person who started the light "restructuring". If you want, you can put the neon lights of red, creating an intimate atmosphere. Would you like to find yourself in nature, then let the light through the workpiece artificial leaves or entire vines, you can still add an artificial waterfall and babbling brook. Full euphoria you provided.

Decoration light in the hallway

This is the place where the glare does not hurt. Has come to you a guest, and then just mist, he stumbled, fell and broke his nose or head. You can just mix up the left and right shoe or sweater to wear instead of coats or coats. And if you have trouble with vision, even if a disaster, you need the spotlight. Joke! Most people just can not be without a mirror in the hallway, as if the light is dim, then your mirror does not say that you are all beautiful and dearer. If you like medieval castles, then you can use the "bra" in the form of candlesticks or glass balls. The use of glass gives you incredible results, pouring light in different colors. Importantly, do not forget that the glass can be of different colors and designs. Try prism. You can experiment with mirrors, if you've ever been in a room of distorting mirrors, you will understand what is at stake.

Lighting design in the kitchen

What we are doing in the kitchen? That's right, prepare! Depending on the layout and squaring the majority of people the kitchen serves not only for cooking but also for its reception, that is, the room has a large, perhaps a round table where everyone eats. To prepare the food, of course, do not need to use LEDs in red, blue, green and other colors, but built into the ceiling or a kitchen set fluorescent lights look good. Want grace - in this case, buy a transparent dining table, make the backlight at the bottom in the form of circles under the cup with a dish, and if you use a transparent bowl, then your soup will sparkle like a rainbow. You can turn off the main light and arrange dinner "candlelight" or, more correctly, "with lighted." Do not place the lamp, as many say. Put the lamp in the kitchen - it's the same nonsense that spotlight the toilet.

The bathroom and the light in it

A good option for the bathroom: the creation of mode switching between different lighting options. For example, in one mode, the mirror in the bathroom will be highlighted bright, and the whole room is darkened. In this option you can add a crazy idea: to build in tile or tile floor neon or LED lights. Just imagine, one press of the switch and the room darkened, and the mirror and shine the floor. The same can be said about the ceiling. Another variant. Love to bathe in an intimate setting, then embed directly into the bath water resistant bulbs dim yellow color, in general, the setting sun. But in general, it all depends on your imagination. You can do this ...

The light in the living room

If by this time read this article your imagination played out enough, then living in your hands, because it is here that you can make even the most "terrible" his desire, above all, not to scare the guests. Love the fireplaces? Then place the artificial fireplace and let it "crackling firewood." There is an opportunity to put a real fireplace, then proceed. You can embed a variety of lighting effects in the interior objects: a sofa, chair, chairs, furniture and other items. The ceiling and walls are never left unattended, and you take and take all the luck, experiment with sex.

Much of what has been said, of course, has already been applied, but undoubtedly the most crucial design registration of any premises without exception, is the desire and imagination of man to whom it is necessary. There is no need to impose human red light in the bathroom, if he likes to read in the bath with foam. Although the options are very good with switching. The main thing - it's your taste and imagination!