What you need to know when renting office space.

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What you need to know when renting office space.

A person who first encountered the need to rent an office, you must consider a number of some of the features of such transactions. This will allow in the future to avoid many misunderstandings. The entire procedure for the registration of the office rent consists of two stages: direct selection of office space and documentation on it.

When choosing office space must take into account several important points. Thus, the approximate area of ​​the office of the future should be defined in advance, taking into account the size of the staff and visitors. You also need to plan in advance the balance of jobs in the future, the office, on the basis of the minimum area of ​​one workplace at least 6 square meters.

Of great importance is the location of the office. If you expect a significant number of visitors, in this case, you need to pay attention to the lease offer office space located on the first floor. If the aim is to emphasize the solidity of the company, its individual approach to each client, the upper floors will be most preferred.

The rental value of the premises affected by a variety of factors, but in Perm, most clearly manifested dependence of the price per square meter of distance from the city center. For example, the office rent will be cheaper than in downtown.

Special attention should be paid to the type of building in which the office will be located. The premises in office centers in most cases have developed infrastructure for business, but for them requires a considerable rent, and will be faced with significant utility payments. In addition, offices in such centers, in most cases, are only available on long-term leases. The advantage of this option are pre-defined areas, in some cases they can even be equipped with office equipment and furniture. Offices for rent at Dynamo in a separate building will cost slightly less than in the business centers. However, in this case, the lessee will be required to perform all repair and finishing activities independently. But the advantage in this case is convenient transportation, which allows to get to the place of work.

It must be remembered that in a short time to sign a lease for expensive and prestigious office space is almost impossible. Therefore, the selection of the room should be concerned long before this becomes a real necessity. It is likely that you have to go through more than a dozen visually appealing options before there is an optimal solution.

Stage of the lease agreement also has some important nuances. To avoid legal confusion it is best to establish good partnerships with the landlord even at the first meeting. The lease agreement must be exclusively in writing, and if necessary pass state registration. It is useful to familiarize yourself with the original documents of title to the leased office. The absence of encumbrances on the premises, you can check on the extract from the Unified State Register of rights to immovable property.

The contract must be clearly defined lease periods, specified amount and currency of the transaction. It is advisable in a separate written document to specify the procedure for repair of office space and the timing of entry / exit. Only after all these procedures, you can sign the deed of conveyance.