Bar-shaped home for a happy family.

Дата создания 14.06.2016 17:45:11
Bar-shaped home for a happy family.

What family does not dream of your own home! To warm and was, and comfortable, and durable. And, based on our Slavic traditions, this of course has to be a wooden house. After all, our ancestors lived in wooden houses for centuries and grief do not know. Today, log houses - a perfect solution of housing problems for anyone, especially young families.

We all know about the miraculous properties of the wood, its environmental friendliness, low thermal conductivity. Such houses are able to keep warm, they each family member will feel healthy and full of natural energy. For a long time the house was built of logs, but the development is not in place technology. And today, the apex of wood construction are just home from a bar. According to experts, to build a house easier and walls in these homes are more equal, and therefore, subsequently easier to finish. The most economically advantageous are the house of timber of natural humidity. Wood for lumber use very different, but the most expensive timber - Maple. Houses built of timber, better retain heat and how to "breathe". Many say that these houses are very nice and welcoming energy. In these houses live light and joy.

There are, of course, log houses and disadvantages. The most important of them - is low and the possibility of fire in the beams of various fungi, rot and insects. But modern technology can handle bars with special flame retardants. A variety of preservatives are used against biological hazards. But these shortcomings are not able to outweigh the virtues that give the house from a bar. Construction of the house goes much faster, and therefore more economical. Usually there are standard designs, which are at home and are worth. But according to the customer, you can always make certain changes in standard designs or to develop individual. In any case, your lumber house will have its own personality, or, as we would say our ancestors-Slavs - the soul.

Families who choose log houses certainly look far ahead and think about the future. Children who grow up in these homes, feel healthier, happier and freer. They are closer to nature and more natural. Therefore, if you want to own a home for all of your family, do not hesitate, buy a house from a bar, and your descendants will be your sincere appreciation and gratitude. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Live naturally and comfortably!