Stretch ceilings in the nursery.

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Stretch ceilings in the nursery.

Multilevel suspended ceiling in the nursery When choosing finishing materials for residential buildings is to give preference only practical, durable and eco-friendly products. This is especially important for a child's room, and because more and more parents are choosing for finishing the ceiling space ceilings - functional and safety features that are of high quality and long service life.

Set in the children stretch ceiling allows you to design the interior is not only practical, but also beautiful, as modern ceilings are presented with a variety of textures and the broadest range of colors. If you are still in doubt whether to give preference to this type of decorative materials, read the information about the benefits provided in this article.
Why do parents choose ceilings

Modern ceilings, made of PVC film and polyester fabric with special impregnation, have a number of advantages in comparison with the same finishing materials:

    high strength (they are not afraid of hitting the ball and other troubles - most importantly, to avoid exposure to sharp cutting and stabbing objects);
    durability (at correct operation of the product is able to serve more than 10 years);
    the ability for several years to maintain its original form, without efflorescence and sagging;
    easy to care for (just once every six months wipe the surface with a soft sponge - dry or slightly damp, depending on the texture of fabric);
    protection of the room from flooding the neighbors from above (it is characteristic only for PVC ceiling, having waterproof properties);
    a high level of hygiene due to antistatic and resistant to the negative effects of moisture (in the paintings surface is almost does not accumulate dust, and the likelihood of mold or fungus is zero);
    a large selection of textures, which allows design the interior of a child's room in a special way (for example, glossy PVC ceilings have a smooth surface, extending the space visually);
    ease of installation, which takes just a few hours, and practically does not remain on its completion of any dust or debris;
    excellent sound and thermal insulation properties, which are particularly important for a child's room.

Safety and environmental ceiling

Ceilings for the child is also necessary to say about the level of safety and environmental protection of modern suspended ceilings, because this question bothers many parents, choosing a finishing material for repair in the nursery.

It should be emphasized that high-quality ceilings, large selection of which is at a great price is on, are completely safe, as made from environmentally friendly materials. They are odorless and does not emit harmful substances that can harm the human body. A perfect example: the ceilings set today in many hospitals, kindergartens and schools, that is, their use is allowed SES. And due to the fact that the surface of these paintings has antistatic effect, preventing dust accumulation, reduces the risk of the emergence and development of a child's allergies.

All of the above applies equally to the PVC, and fabric tension ceilings, but the latter is also equipped with micropores, thereby perfectly breathable, although not retain moisture. Selecting the type of ceiling depends on the personal preferences of parents.
Unusual ideas for decorating children's

Along with the usual tension ceilings of different colors in the nursery, you can also install more original products, for example:

    With an imitation of the sky, which is achieved by mounting the LED canvas resembling stars. Have soft lighting at night makes the atmosphere in the children more peaceful, especially if the baby is afraid of the dark. However, even when the child grows up, will not necessarily change the ceiling, as it will be relevant in the room and the kid and teenager.
    With photo printing. Apply to the ceiling absolutely any image - from the children's favorite characters of fairy tales and cartoons, and ending with beautiful abstract patterns. A more universal option - it is the image of the sky with clouds, sun and birds or in the form of the sea surface, which, combined with a harmonious finish walls will create the illusion of the underwater kingdom.
    Multi-level design, allowing excellent zoned space, separating by a combination of materials of different colors and textures, as well as the degree of intensity of illumination of the working area for rest and sleep.

If you like a conventional suspended ceiling without any frills, then, for a child's room is to choose the product neutral and pastel colors - white, blue, green, light yellow. But on the bright (red, orange, raspberry) should be abandoned, since these colors are psychoactive stimulant.