The decline in prices for apartments in Perm?

Дата создания 08.06.2016 12:03:32
The decline in prices for apartments in Perm?

Here are the main leitmotif of the last year in the Perm real estate market, Perm and New Perm. If you remember last December ambitious sellout, which was attended by ordinary citizens and investors, buying an apartment floors, then this winter from potential buyers simply do not have money. Promotions, discounts and other marketing methods from developers, the primary market, well-established in the fat years, did not give the previous result.
In the secondary market situation is also not ideal, live sales are very small, mostly tested alternative transaction. Apartments Exposure increased: they "hang" the market from 3 months to six months. All this - the signs of a powerful structural crisis facing the Russian economy.

Change a new building on the bank deposit
"Past crises - in 2014 and in 2016 - held by the classical scheme. This is especially evident in 2014: after inflating a price bubble was its collapse. Prices fell, and then began a new growth and recovery. Now the crisis is systemic and the reasons he has other - in Russia, in principle, there is a reorganization of the economic model. The new economic reality is not active price increases for all assets, there is no foreign investment and high oil prices. And this reality is no place for the high prices of housing ", - says Oleg Repchenko, head of the" Real Estate Market Indicators "analytical center.

According to experts, people are accustomed to the fact that the prices of apartments after the crisis quickly resume growth, noseychas decline in property prices - it's here to stay. Buyers have realized this and are fighting fiercely for the discounts, which reach 15-20%. And sellers are often willing to reduce the price in accordance with market requirements. The sooner they will understand, the less will lose, and the easier it will be a transition to a new market with enough affordable housing prices.

According to "Indicators of Real Estate Market", the average price in the primary market of Perm seems to be down less than 10%, but for the year entered the market much cheaper projects. Within the boundaries of Perm prices now start from 110 rubles per square meter, an apartment can be bought for 3 million rubles. A year ago, such prices could imagine except for the suites or apartments in the Perm suburbs. That is, to improve their living conditions as possible, but to make money on such investments is not obtained.

"The rise in price of square meters of the pit before the commissioning of about 20%, that is, buildings generate less than 10% per annum", - said Repchenko.
Just to sell

On the secondary market is influenced by several factors: the decline in household income, general economic uncertainty in the country and divergent expectations of buyers and sellers get the parties to pull one blanket in different directions and eventually not be able to agree.

According to IRN, prices fell by 25% in dollars (from $ 3500 to $ 2650 per sq.m.) and almost 15% in rubles (from 205 000 to 175 000 per square meter). Customers who have invested money in buying a home last December, were the losers.

"If at that time they put money on deposit, or even keep them" under the pillow ", is now able to count on a much better option," - said Repchenko. But it seems that the market remained mostly only those who simply do not have money for such an expensive purchase, as the apartment. Therefore, there is no live sales and deals are made, chains.
If the usual time of divergence between the price expectations of buyers and sellers do not exceed 10%. In the past year difference reached 30%. The first waiting for a sharp reduction in price of apartments in the secondary market, the latter refused to believe in the decline in housing values. As a result, we are selling only those apartments whose owners were willing to bargain.
Another problem was the darling of the secondary current mortgage. The average rate on the loan is 14-15% per annum in rubles, compared with 10-11% in the programs of state support in the primary market.
"A feature of the real estate market in crisis is the sharp drop in liquidity, - concludes Timur Nigmatullin, THEIR analyst" Finam ". - Sellers are not willing to sell real estate at a loss and wait for market conditions to improve. So the property will gradually depreciate against the backdrop of stagnating prices in rubles. "