Perm general information.

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Perm general information.

Perm's northernmost city "millions" on the territory of the Russian Federation. Occupying an area of ​​800 square km. the city became home to 986,497 people in 6352 apartment buildings with a total area of ​​18 million square km..

In the secondary housing market with a share of 48% is dominated by brick and stone multi-storey houses. Against this background, among the new buildings leading brick and cast-in-frame high-rise buildings, which occupy 78% of total supply. However, in both the real estate market is actually equally prefabricated houses. The ratio of these objects in the secondary and the primary housing market is respectively 21% and 22%.

In turn, the secondary property features a large variety of used construction technologies. So in addition to the brick-and-stone houses residential Perm Fund on 18% consists of wooden houses. Another 11% of real estate accounted for block apartment buildings. 2% of apartment houses were built with the use of several types of construction technologies. New counter this can only be a brick, and cast-frame panel technology.

But the level of comfort of new buildings exceed "the secondary." So not all the houses in Perm (97.8%) are equipped with central heating. Hot water supply including It equipped with central Perm, respectively, 92.5% and 88.8% of the housing stock. The gas (network and condensed) is equipped with a 90.5% of residential real estate. Baths and showers staffed with 93.5% of the housing. Wastewater, including centralized, held at 98.1% and 98% of the housing. Water supply, including and a centralized set up in 98.2% and 98% of residential real estate, respectively.

However, when the average annual volume of construction in the range of 250-350 sq. M. meters of housing, "secondary" to the existing 18 million sq. m. meters of real estate will always be in the majority. This Perm "secondary" at 60-62% consists of constructed from 1946 to 1970 homes. Even at 23.8%, "secondary housing" has risen from 1971 to 1995. 13% of homes in Perm was built before 1945.


Primary and secondary market residential real estate of Perm early April combined prices. So the cost of new buildings increased by 1.17%, and housing on the secondary market has risen in price by 0.92%. Despite that the average cost of "secondary housing" has remained higher than new housing. The average price of the "square" in both markets was accordingly thousand. Rub. and thou. rubles.

However various trends were observed in both markets. So while the primary market particularly active rose in price two-bedroom apartments in the secondary real estate market decline in prices were noted four-room apartments. In both cases, the price fluctuations amounted to 1.46% and 0.55% respectively. Against this background, most of all the cost of new housing grew in Motovilikhinsky and Ordzhonikidze districts. Properties in both cases went up by 4.58% and 2.58% respectively. However, most of all became cheaper buildings in the Leninsky district, where the decline in prices amounted to 0.33%. In turn, housing on the secondary market, the strongest became cheaper here. In this case, the price reduction was equal to 1.94%.

Against this background, the cost of housing growth in both markets was caused to a large extent a change in sentence structure. Vendors began to actively put up for sale expensive housing. More than 70% of the proposals in both markets is 30 to 50 thousand. Rub. per sq. meter. However, the increase in the cost of liquidity facilities will not be abrupt. The sharp rise in prices is still hampered by the low solvency of the population. However, in more detail with the cost of housing on the secondary and primary real estate market in early April can be found in the following table, drawn up according to the analytical center "Median".