Subtleties choice kitchen sofa.

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Subtleties choice kitchen sofa.

Kitchen sofa - is a great choice for people who like comfort throughout. Prefer this piece of furniture, you can give yourself and your family the most pleasant stay during a meal. Whether you eat breakfast, lunch or dinner - a sofa in the kitchen will make your meal more comfortable. Even a simple tea party turns into a pleasant pastime in a cozy atmosphere.

But before you buy a kitchen sofa, you need to understand the features of the selection of such furniture. Correctly chosen product fits well into the interior, is comfortable and will last for many years. On the secrets choice of sofas to the kitchen and will be discussed in this article.

Sofas for food are divided into two main types: Strait and Corner.

Direct model - it is a good choice for the classic style. This sofa is more suitable for large kitchens, as in a small room it can clutter the space. Corner products are beneficial in terms of space savings. They have a convenient design that allows you to place the sofa, even in a small room. In addition, the kitchen corners are often equipped with built-in drawers for storing various utensils and appliances. This allows more efficient use of space in the kitchen, which is important for small apartments.

A separate type of sofas for the kitchen - the so-called sofas transformers. Through special arrangements, they can fold out to form a full-fledged bed. Compact sofa-transformer - it is a great option for those who sometimes plays host to visitors at night. You will be able to comfortably place them on an additional berth. Convertible sofa bed - a great alternative to clamshell.

When choosing a sofa for kitchen should pay special attention to the quality of materials. Product framework should be as durable enough to withstand heavy loads and high humidity. Ideally, you need to choose the furniture, the frame of which is made of natural hardwood or chrome-plated metal.

Also pay attention to the upholstery of the sofa kitchen. It must be practical to use, because in the kitchen there is a constant risk of spilling liquids or food on the surface of the furniture. Prefer quality synthetic leather or fabric with Teflon impregnation. Such materials repel moisture and are easy to clean from pollution.


Choosing kitchen couch design interior depends on the concept of space. If your kitchen is decorated in a classic style, it is necessary to give preference to the traditional model with simple lines. As for the color solution, it is best to choose a quiet tones upholstery. It can be black or white sofa, a product upholstered in pastel shades.
If the interior of the kitchen in a contemporary design "high-tech" or "minimalist", buy furniture with concise design. It should not be decorated with some ornaments or decorative elements. Permissible colors - shades of white and red. For a more dynamic interior fit sofas original form with colorful upholstery.
Armed with these tips, you can safely make a purchase of the sofa to the kitchen.