The market of new buildings in the conditions of crisis.

Дата создания 24.05.2016 15:01:00
The market of new buildings in the conditions of crisis.

During the crisis the real estate market is "resting". Buyers hold wait and see policy in the hope of a significant decline in prices. The housing market Perm very slow to react to the economic crisis, housing prices from the Builder begins to change only after two or three months, gradually lowering the price curve down. The lowering is not very noticeable for buildings or projects under construction, as the cost of their growing, increasing borrowing costs for construction in progress and inflation indices.

On the primary housing market is strongly influenced by the growth of the dollar against the ruble. Ruble prices remain in place, and the dollar rises. The company is the developer does not always have full self-amount required for construction of the facility since its construction and final completion. As investors, developers attract other firms that have the ability to attract Bank loans, most of which foreign exchange.

If investing in real estate Perm is happening in rubles, most reflected this with a simple buyer of apartments in the building have already invested a certain sum in foreign currency at the stage of unfinished construction. Each monthly payment, split into several stages increases from the first of the agreed amount by the percentage fall of currency. In a crisis, the purchase of finished square feet in the new building in Perm of a past stage of acceptance by the state Commission will be more relevant and safer, though more expensive.

Where there are cons, there pros. With immediate sales you can get good discounts from property owners. Buying a home at below market price, subsequently provides the possibility of its implementation for real value – the income provided. During this period, new opportunities: future buyers – think about the profitable investment of available funds from sellers on the timing of sales in the Wee new development and apartments from construction companies – to adjust construction methods and architectural design of projects under construction, realtors – to revise the tactics of communication with customers and the opportunity to see the new additions.

The economic situation in Perm is gradually returning to its permanent channel, the real estate market stabiliziruemost, like all the others. Wishing to solve the housing problems in times of crisis it is better to turn to professionals for real estate or lawyers competent in these matters.